What is the biggest paradox of economics?

If it is a completely free market, Z will not interfere in anything? There is no need for 99% of economists, because entrepreneurs see better than economists. If it is a completely planned economy, then 99% of economists do not need to exist, because Z does it for you. What is the biggest paradox of the economy? As long as the economy is in a crisis, everyone will look at ZF to rescue, and economists will design various rescue plans. What is the biggest paradox of liberal economists? The value depends on the efforts of the Keynesian, just like Zhang Wearying, X Ionian, Tina Guiyang, etc., each time they criticise Lin Afoot, they have a sense of existence. What is the biggest paradox of the Keynesian? They often make plans to rescue the crisis, but they themselves are in a crisis of trust. Lin Yahoo's biggest paradox is that he wants to bet on both sides of Z and the market, which is of course impossible.

It is difficult to define economists

Just as doctors, teachers, dentists, and heart surgery are all doctors, kindergarten teachers and doctoral tutors are also teachers. Since economists are all arguing with each other, the people who eat melons just listen to it. They quarrel only to increase their worth, and they are also a group of people who seek fame and fortune. One thing is certain, the philosophers may have summed up some truths. Those truths have not been summarised by economists on the actions and behaviours of people (have followed the discovery of new particles by physicists, which may start a new technological revolution). The new discoveries of economists may be the aunts of the vegetable market or the aunts of the square dance, who have long been tired of playing with things. Famous economists, including Fisher, did not lose money in stocks. Since most entrepreneurs in the world create wealth and do not rely on economists, isn’t it obvious who you should listen to? One thing needs to be clear: Explaining economic phenomena is not the prerogative of economists. Political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and consumers can all explain it, but they don’t have to wear the title of economist, and they can often be explained. better. Learn more economy tuition in Singapore Thanks.




I am a senior strategy manager at Econs tuition. We provide services for nearly all course about Economics

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Nuswa Smith

Nuswa Smith

I am a senior strategy manager at Econs tuition. We provide services for nearly all course about Economics

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